For organisations

About Make Your Mark

The Make Your Mark campaign aims to increase the number and diversity of heritage volunteers in Scotland.

For heritage organisations, Make Your Mark will promote volunteering opportunities to underrepresented audiences, connect heritage volunteer coordinators nationwide, share inclusive volunteering practice and evidence volunteering impact to lobby for more funding for heritage volunteering programmes.

For volunteers, Make Your Mark will showcase heritage volunteering opportunities and highlight volunteer achievements.

At the heart of Make Your Mark are 3 core values:
An icon representing the concept of place.

Place matters. Each place has a unique mix of history, traditions, folklore and living communities that define the human experience. Stories about place shape who we are and who we are empowered to become. Exploring our physical surroundings (buildings, landscapes, streets, spaces) where we live can also provide us with a sense of rootedness and connection to those we live with and among. Volunteering is a great way for people who inhabit a place to meet each other and connect to their shared environment and stories.

An icon representing the concept of community.

Communities are instrumental in caring for Scotland’s heritage. Much of our heritage is protected, cherished and celebrated at the local level. Engaging local people with their heritage through volunteering programmes increases the resources, tools and assistance available to preserve, restore and animate our shared history and culture. Communities also benefit from engaging with their heritage – people feel more empowered and connected when encouraged to come together around shared interests.

An icon representing the concept of heritage.

Heritage is anything from the past that you value and want to pass on to future generations. This logo represents the heritage sector’s work to create a future for our pasts by juxtaposing an old building (a castle) within a new technology (a mobile phone). However, historic buildings aren’t the only type of heritage. Heritage is also natural habitats and landscapes; oral history, recipes, dances, dialects and other cultural traditions; archaeological finds; museum, libraries and archives; commemorations, celebrations and folklore.

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