• Safely welcoming back volunteers
    20th May, 10am – 12pm

    A series of speakers will discuss different approaches to safely welcoming back volunteers, as well as ideas about how to engage remotely with volunteers who may not yet feel ready or cannot return to on-site volunteering.

  • How to recruit local volunteers
    1st June, time?

    Gabrielle Macbeth from the Glasgow Women’s Library… (copy to come after next VON meeting on 16th April).

  • The Big Volunteers Week quiz
    5th June, 12pm – 1.30pm

    Morag is the monster of which Scottish loch? Which is the only football club in the Scottish League to be based in England? Join Make Your Mark, Volunteer Scotland and The Big Lunch for a Scottish heritage virtual pub quiz. Meet other people who volunteer or manage volunteers in museums, galleries, natural history and local heritage organisations and compete for prizes and bragging rights!

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