We’ve compiled volunteer management resources to help you welcome volunteers back after COVID-19 and create inclusive volunteering programmes.
Learn more about adapting volunteering to COVID-19:

Volunteer re-induction PowerPoint – Historic Environment Scotland

Volunteer organisers can adapt this PowerPoint presentation for re-inducting volunteers. The PowerPoint covers new health and safety policies and procedures, how to handle difficult situations, addressing unconscious bias and more.

Volunteer re-induction checklist – Historic Environment Scotland

This helpful checklist outlines the different topics to discuss with volunteers before they return back on-site, and can be used to take notes of volunteers’ comments and concerns during a re-induction session.

Minimum operating standards for reopening – Historic Environment Scotland

These COVID-19 Policy and Minimum Operating Standards outline the requirements that must be met before Historic Environment Scotland sites will be able to reopen in line with official government guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their standards could provide guidance and inspiration for other organisations developing minimum operating standards for reopening.

Volunteer redeployment resources – Heritage Volunteering Group

The Heritage Volunteering Group has developed a volunteer redeployment framework and a volunteer redeployment survey to support organisations in the remobilisation of their volunteers.

Restarting services safely – The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

It can be overwhelming to find the right piece of guidance to help you with your reopening plans. If you’re in that boat this blog provides a summary of Scottish Government guidance, the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations guidance and Public Health Scotland.

Volunteering and coronavirus – Volunteer Scotland

Volunteer Scotland has compiled clear and accurate information to help volunteers and volunteer involving organisations during coronavirus.

Volunteering for All Evidence Session: COVID edition – Volunteer Scotland

The ‘Evidence Sessions’ are an opportunity for those with an interest in volunteering to keep up-to-date with the latest research. The Evidence Session held in June 2020 focussed on how COVID-19 is affecting volunteering, and how organisations are creatively responding to the challenge.

Welcome Back Training – University of Cambridge Museums

If your heritage organisation is hoping to reopen soon, this video provides a good example of training to provide to returning or new volunteers. It highlights key points to consider in post-COVID volunteering and interactions with the public.

Welcome Back Training – Heritage Volunteering Group

In this short video, Matt Hick, Head of Volunteering at Science Museum Group, takes you through the COVID-19 remobilisation planning and Welcome Back Training that has been developed at the Science Museum Group.

Coronavirus & resuming volunteering activities – Volunteer Edinburgh

Regardless of your organisation’s size, you need to assess and manage the risks of COVID-19 as you plan resumption of your activities. You have a responsibility and legal duty to protect your people (whether paid staff, volunteers or members of the public) from risk to their health and safety. This guide will help you think about the risks they face and do everything reasonably practical to minimise them.

The ultimate guide to setting up virtual volunteering in your organisation – Nonprofit learning lab

In the wake of COVID-19, many organisations have quickly adapted their activities to online delivery. This guide reviews key virtual volunteering resources to help you plan virtual volunteering, keep virtual volunteering interesting and maintain a sense of community in a virtual environment.

Growing and engaging audiences online – Heritage Digital

If your organisation chooses to remain closed this year, you can still connect with audiences online, and get some volunteers on board to help you do so! To help you get started, this webinar covers how to identify your heritage organisation’s audience and how to target them online; the best platforms to use to reach your target audience; how to grow your social media followers; and how to write engaging digital content.

Learn more about inclusive volunteering:

Top Tips for Inclusive Volunteering – Volunteer Scotland

These ‘Top Tips’ flag up key things to consider to ensure a positive, accessible volunteering experience for all. They have been created for anyone who supports volunteers and designed to support your learning and thinking regardless of the size or nature of your volunteering activity.

Creating an Inclusive Volunteering Environment – Volunteer Scotland

This step-by-step guide walks you through how to perform an ‘inclusion review’ of your volunteering programmes. An inclusion review enables you to identify how certain aspects of your volunteering programme could be changed to encourage more diverse participation.

Equality and Diversity in Volunteering – Volunteer Edinburgh

Learn more about equality and diversity, why they are important and how organisations can promote equality and diversity in volunteering.

Volunteering Guidance – National Lottery Heritage Fund

This page offers extensive guidance on managing and developing heritage volunteering programmes. The guidance gives special attention to the existing inequity in heritage volunteering, and provides tips for increasing the diversity of your volunteering programme.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Trello Board – Heritage Volunteering Group

This collaborative Trello board contains various links to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion websites, podcasts, networks and other resources.

Equalities & Diversity Training – Regional Equality Councils

A key part of any inclusive volunteering programme is ensuring that your work environment is welcoming to everyone. Regional Equalities Councils located across Scotland provide training to help participants understand equality legislation and how different forms of discrimination can be identified and challenged. Please see the Edinburgh & Lothians Regional Equality Council, Central Scotland Regional Equality Council, West of Scotland Regional Equality Council and Grampian Regional Equality Council for more information.

Equalities & Diversity Training – Interfaith Scotland

Interfaith Scotland regularly hold public training events on equality, diversity and inclusion; cross-cultural communication; tackling unconscious bias; and working with people from diverse religions and beliefs. Check out their page see their calendar of upcoming training and to book a session with them.

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